The piquillo pepper of Lodosa is a pepper of intense red color, fleshy, compact, consistent and of turgescent texture without being hard. Recognized internationally by his great quality and special flavor, it differs from other varieties of peppers for his special flavor, obtained cause during the peeling off water is not allowed. 

  • PIQUILLOS FROM LODOSA Whole Extra 250 Jar 220 gr.

    Conteo: 8/12
  • PIQUILLOS FROM LODOSA Whole 18/22 Extra 445 Jar 425 gr.

    Conteo: 18/22
  • PIQUILLOS FROM LODOSA Strips 445 Jar 425 gr.

  • PIQUILLOS FROM LODOSA Whole 18/22 Extra 1/2kg Tin 390 gr.

    Conteo: 18/22

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