The Fungi m. THE TUDELANA are elaborated from fresh Boletus edulis, gathered and selected by hand. Our fungi comes from the Spanish pine-groves and oak woods. The Boletus edulis is one of the wild edible fungi most estimated in the gastronomy due to his deep aroma, intense flavor and soft texture.


The baby broad beans m. THE TUDELANA, are made by fresh raw material, calibrated with extreme care, selecting the entires and smallest ones with a green olive tonality. 
They have a very soft texture and a flavor with light acidity. They stand out for being a highly energetic food, due to his high contained in proteins besides the vitamins.  

  • Boletus Edulis in Olive oil 250 Jar 220 gr.

  • Baby Broad Beans in Olive oil 250 Jar 235 gr.


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